Couplets 4 Bulleit by Tony DeGenaro

I did a shot of my roommate’s whiskey
with my other roommate’s ex-boyfriend.

Their door just closed to the record I’m
playing, so I don’t know their status tonight.

Mine is soon to be hammered. Bullet
to the temple, I’ll refresh Facebook

no. Most of the people I love are
in Ohio, are five foot four are a mother

fucker of a long flight away. I bought
a book of poetry with my tip money

that I should save because no matter
how many times I tweet

like a bird in the morning
(those ugly assholes waking me with

their sonic braying, their tell-tale
warble) at Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines won’t comp me
a flight, will comp me a Bloody

Mary, that’s my mother’s name bloody
Mary that’s my nose after

a punch to the face: I tried bumming
a cigarette at the open mic I sweat

through my sweater riding home from.
Nobody could spare a light.

My roommate’s door is shut, I hear
nothing. But imagine a light spared

a mother fucking long flight
away from here

Tony DeGenaro is a full-time poet & part-time barista. His work has been seen
in many to-go cups, as well as for-here mugs; his writing has been published