Over yellow rice and wine
I ask God what or who does God
believe in? Bette Davis,
God says. Proof that God

has great taste. God hides out
in a dark theatre, hard to do
in Heaven where light
brags on, you can’t turn it off—

on Earth we have plenty
of darkness. God sits
in the back eating Jujubes. Bette
wipes Leslie Howard’s lame

kisses off her mouth. God stays
for the double feature when Bette
dies of peritonitis trying to get
to Chicago from that duddy

Wisconsin town. God returns
to Heaven, happy, stirs
the best coffee in the universe
with a dwarf star.

Kenneth Pobo has a new chapbook out from Eastern Point Press called
Placemats. His work has appeared in: Indiana Review, Spoon River Quarterly,
Stickman Review, Nimrod, and elsewhere.


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